Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
About the Net Education and Counseling Services:

The net education and counseling services offered by Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS) aim to address the problems that have arisen due to the increasing popularity of the internet. These include, for example, internet addiction, cyber bullying, the online generation gap, the spread of inappropriate content, and smartphone overuse. These problems harm not only the mental health of children and youth, but also family relationships. With a family perspective, we have taken a forward-looking approach, adopted creative work methods, and flexibly deployed resources. They have launched programs and events that respond to the needs of different social segments and remedy gaps in the services in society.

Service Objectives

1. Foster healthy and safe online attitudes and behaviors in children and youth;
2. Reduce conflicts between parents and children that are triggered by internet issues, and promote understanding and communication between parents and children regarding the internet;
3. Encourage the participation of people from all segments of society and special needs individuals;
4. Help the public recognize the online risks and advocate a healthy online culture.