Service Development History

● Service began in 2004 with the objective of preventing youth online problems and narrowing the gap between parents and children in the digital era.

● In 2005, the HKFWS released a publication titled “Research Report on the Impact of Youth Internet Use on Family Relationships and Mental Health.”

● Since 2005, HKFWS has recruited and trained over a hundred youth and parent net ambassadors. By sharing their own experiences, they brought out their message about a healthy internet culture to communities and schools.

● Between 2005 and 2007, with financial support from the Education Bureau , HKFWS organized 124 internet education lectures and workshops for parents at primary schools and secondary schools.

● In 2008, HKFWS began receiving financial support from the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority and organized several talks and workshops on the healthy use of the internet, reaching over 1,000 parents. The contents of the talks were made into a parent education CD and pamphlet that were distributed to all Hong Kong schools and orgarizations.

● In 2009, we organized “Healthy Internet Connection,” a large-scale, territory-wide education program that reached over 300 schools and 3,000 students, parents, teachers, and social workers.

● In 2010, we published a research report on “Cyber Bullying Among Hong Kong Secondary School Students.”

● Beginning in 2011, we launched the “Healthy Net Support Network” and “WebOrganic” porjects.

● In 2013, we published a research report titled “Cyber Bullying: Interpersonal Relations and Conflicts of Hong Kong Upper Primary School Students and Junior Secondary school Students.”