Connecting with Net Generation 4-Panel Comic Drawing Competition

Connecting with Net Generation 4-Panel Comic Drawing Competition
Connecting with Net Generation 4-Panel Comic Drawing Competition
Competition content and details:

Enhance information literacy of students so that they can use information and information technology ethically and effectively


Primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong

  1. Primary School
  2. Secondary School

The Competition is divided into two categories (Primary and Secondary) and the participants enter the Competition according to their school level in the 2019/20 school year.

Themes (choose any one):

1. Differentiating the authenticity of information
2. Protecting personal privacy
3. Respecting intellectual property rights

Submission Methods:

Each participant is allowed to submit one entry only through schools. Entries should be submitted by school online.
Please fill in the application form and upload the entry HERE.

Application February to May 2020
Application deadline 31 May 2020
Adjudication June 2020
Result announcement June 2020
Prize presentation ceremony July 2020
Result Announcement and Prize Presentation Ceremony:

Final result will be announced in in June 2020. Winners will receive phone and email confirmation of Prize Presentation Ceremony arrangement. Winners should confirm the attendance of ceremony within 2 weeks upon notification.


1. Individual Award

Champion:Certificate of commendation and HK$2,000 book coupon (1 quota in each category)
1st runner-up:Certificate of commendation and HK$1,500 book coupon (1 quota in each category)
2nd runner-up:Certificate of commendation and HK$1,000 book coupon (1 quota in each category)
Merit Prize:Certificate of commendation and HK$200 book coupon (10 quotas in each category)

2. School Award

Most Active School in Participation Award:Certificate of commendation and trophy (5 quotas)


Preliminary selection of the entries will be conducted by the organiser and the judging panel will further select the champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and merit prizes according to judging criteria. Most Active School in Participation Award will be awarded to the school with the highest number of participants. The decision of the Judging panel will be sole and final.
Judging panel: Representatives from the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, Scholar, HKEdCity and Education Bureau

Judging Criteria:
  1. Content and relevance with the theme (50%)
  2. Creativity (30%)
  3. Overall aesthetic appeal (20%)

Please contact Ms. Sylvia Luo or Ms. Victoria Tung at 2549 5106.


Entry Requirements:

  1. All entries must match with the themes of the competition and send positive messages. All entries should be presented in 4-panel comics.  Either Chinese or English text can be included for strengthening the presentation.
  2. All entries must be the participants’ original work. Participants must ensure that their works will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person.
  3. All entries have never been used in any media for publicity, promotion and exhibition purposes before or submitted to other competitions.
  4. Both hand-drawn and computer-aided design are acceptable (in black and white or colour).
  5. For hand-drawn entries, there is no restriction on the painting tools used. The comics must be drawn on a piece of A4-size white paper.   All entries must be scanned in JPEG or PNG format of less than 100MB in size for online submission.
  6. For computer-aided entries, files must be submitted in JPEG or PNG format of less than 100MB in size.
  7. The participant must submit the application form including participant information, name of the entry and a brief description of not more than 100 words.
  8. All entries should not infringe or violate, or involve elements that infringe or violate applicable law and regulations.


Rules and Regulations:

  1. All entries must be the participant’s original work and do not infringe the rights of any other persons (including but not limited to intellectual property rights). Entries must never been published or displayed in any media, in public or in other competitions.  Also, the entries must never been used in other similar competitions before the end of this competition.  Otherwise, the entries concerned will be disqualified.
  2. The copyrights of entries would be owned by the organiser after submission. The organiser has rights to edit and use any part of the works in any media for publicity, promotion and exhibition purposes, including but not limited to online media, publication, printed matter, video and multimedia production without royalty payment and notification to the participants.
  3. Personal information should be filled in the application form. It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that the information given is valid and complete. The organiser has the right to disqualify participants whom are found not qualified to entry the competition or have violated the rules and regulations without further notice.
  4. Winners who could not attend Prize Presentation Ceremony should redeem the prize at Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, Hong Kong Western Centre within 3 months upon the announcement of the result. Late redemption would not be entertained without further notice.
  5. Participants must clearly understand the Competition Rules and Regulations, and submission of an entry shall be deemed to have agreed to and accepted the rules and conditions of the competition.
  6. The organiser reserves the rights to interpret and amend the rules, conditions, prizes and adjudication arrangement of the competition without prior notification to the participants. Decision of the organiser shall be final.
  7. For the sake of fairness, employees and immediate family members of organiser, judging panel and any other staffs in relation to this Competition will not be eligible to participate.


Personal Information Collection Statement:

  1. The personal data provided by participants and relevant persons will be used for the purpose of application, contact, survey, results announcement and any arrangements related to this activity.
  2. For the above purpose, name and school name of participants and relevant persons may be disclosed through organiser’s website and/or other websites and/or media.
  3. It is mandatory for participants to provide personal data in the application form. If participants do not provide such personal data, organiser may not be able to accept the application. The personal information provided will help organiser to gather statistics and review its service quality.
  4. When go through links out of Hong Kong Family Welfare Society such act would mean that you have already left the website of Hong Kong Family Welfare Society. The organiser is not liable to or responsible for any security and data protection issues arisen.

Application Form

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Entry Information
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