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Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Hong Kong Western Service Centre

Phone: (852) 2549 5106
Fax: (852) 2858 4794
Address: 80A First Street , Sai Ying Pun ,
Hong Kong West Park.
( MTR West Camp Station B1 exit turn left straight stairs )
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Internet Series for Students
Target audience:
Primary & middle school students
A. Seminar
Duration: 1-2 hours (flexible)
Location: Open
Lecturer: Professional social worker
A1: ”Break Free from the Internet” - Healthy Net Seminar
Content 1. Foster habits of balanced and moderate Internet use among youth.
2. Explain the symptoms of online addiction and its effects.
3. Explain the importance of efficient time management.
A2: “Fun and Ethical Net”- Safe Use of Internet Seminar
Content 1. Create awareness among youth about the hidden risks of the Internet.
2. Help youth to develop healthy, safe, and ethical internet habits.
3. Introduce the “Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance” (COIAO).
B. Activities
Time: 1 hour (Flexible)
B1: Healthy Net booth game
Content Introduce healthy use of the Internet to students through exciting games.
Location Activity room/ covered playground
B2: Healthy Net classroom activities
Content Convey messages about healthy use of the Internet to students through activities.
Location Classroom/hall/ activity room
B3: “Zero” cyber bullying booth game
Content Through fun games, introduce prevention and reaction towards cyber bullying.
Location Activity room/ covered playground
B4: “Zero” cyber bullying classroom activity
Content Convey messages on prevention and reaction towards cyber bullying.through activities.
Location Classroom/hall/ activity room
To: Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
(Hong Kong Western Centre )
Address: Western Garden, 80A,
1st Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
(Tel: 2549 5106 Fax: 2858 4794)
Internet Series for Parents
Target audience:
Parents of primary & middle school students
C. Seminar/ Seminar and Workshop
Parents Internet Series = Seminar/Seminar and Workshop
Type and venue: Seminar (hall)/ Workshop (computer room)
Lecturer: Professional social worker
(*No capacity limit for the seminar. The number of workshop participants depends on the size of the school’s computer room.)
C1: Family IT Fun
Content 1. Understand the hidden risks of the Internet and the ethical issues of IT applications.
2. How to negotiate with children on Internet activities and proper ways to resolve conflicts with children stemming from the Internet.
Time 2 hours (flexible)
Remarks Seminar content can be adjusted according to the school’s needs
C2: “Fun and Ethical Net”- Parents series
Content 1. Enable parents to understand youth online culture and the hidden risks of the internet.
2. Teach parents how to help children develop healthy online habits.
3. Introduction of “Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance.”
4. Explain the function and importance of web filtering software.

Time 3 hours (flexible)
Remarks We have already been invited by TELA to serve as the co-organizer of “The Use of Web Filtering Software” subsidy scheme.
If the school applies the subsidy from TELA, the activities must be conducted according to our syllabus.
Service Application Form
We’d like to cordially invite you to provide your services at our school.
Internet Series for Students
A: Seminars A1: Break Free From the Internet- Healthy Net SeminarA2: Fun and Ethical Net-Safe Use of Internet Seminar

B: Activities B1: Healthy Net booth gameB2: Healthy Net classroom activitiesB3: “Zero” cyber bullying booth gameB4: “Zero” cyber bullying classroom activity

Internet Series for Parents
C: Seminar/ Seminar and Workshop C1: Family IT FunC2: Fun and Ethical Net- Parents series
Select type :
SeminarSeminar and Workshop
School name
School address
Coordinator phone
Proposed target audience
& no. of participants
Proposed date
Proposed time : to :

*Application Note:
Please apply at least ONE MONTH prior to the event. We will reply within 7 business days to confirm the event fees and details.

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