Kitty & Doggie Series

To improve the awareness of healthy use of the internet among youth, HKFWS carried out preventative intervention in a fun and interesting way. It designed the “Kitty & Doggie Series” healthy use of internet activity. It is hoping that for youth to reflect on the downsides to long-term use of computers and electronic devices by writing content for the four comic strips on the activity card. Students only needed to write their ideas and send them to HKFWS via WhatsApp to receive a souvenir.

The healthy use of internet student activity was successfully conducted during the 2014-15 school year. To date, nearly 700 posts shared by primary and secondary students have been received. Below are the outstanding creations of the students.

Primary school students

The doggy will tire out its brain, be late, and have no focus to do things. So, first it affects eyesight, and second, you cannot sleep well.
Man Ho Feng
PLK Siu Hon Sum Primary School

The doggy knows it shouldn’t become addicted to the internet, not eat food, and not study. It is still reviewing the lesson and doing homework at night. It does not have adequate energy or sleep.
Sacred Heart Canossian School
Lam Hoi Ning

The doggy was so tired in the end. It cannot finish its homework, and thought for sure it will not be able turn in all his homework tomorrow.
Sheng Kung Hui Fung Kei Millennium Primary School
Yau Sung Yip

Because of gaming, the doggy could not focus on doing homework. He has no homework to turn in to the teacher tomorrow and will be blamed. Because he slept late, he didn’t get enough rest and was lethargic in class. Also, he did not eat because he was gaming. At midnight he got hungry and was also tired. The doggy learned he had to control his time better next time.
St. Rose of Lima’s School
Tang Yi Ting

Time needs to budgeted well, do not “make a last-ditch effort.”
Holy Angels Canossian School
Leung Hei Tong

If I had taken the kitty’s advice during the day and had stopped online gaming, I would have finished my homework and be asleep by now. Now I really regret it! Whimper…
St. Rose of Lima’s School
Lee Sin Yu

It is not okay to play online games and not study hard. You must study hard! Even if you do play games, it has to be in moderation! Gaming will destroy the rhythm of life! People are separated from each other and only exist in a fantasy world, detached from reality! Becoming addicted to online gaming is like a drug habit; once addicted, one cannot break away from it! It affects normal living! It harms the relationship with family and friends! The computer is a good learning platform if used appropriately.
TWGHs Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Primary School
Chan Wun Yan

The puppy finally wanted to invent another puppy just like itself to help it eat and do homework, while the real puppy was gaming. The puppy’s mother only noticed the fake puppy doing homework and even praised the fake puppy, but never noticed the real puppy was gaming.
Shau Kei Wan Government Primary School
Woo Hon Yip

Middle school students
3. The sense of time disappears when online. 4. Practice and homework need to be completed on time.
Kowloon Technical School
Tang Lap Yuen

3. Say Good Bye to healthy living 4. Dream of gaming until you die
Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School
Wong Ka Lin

3. Just doing a little is good enough 4. There’s no way to get back all the valuable time
SKH All Saints’ Middle School
Cheung Tung Wah

3. Only happy for a moment 4. Forget all about sleep and work
SKH All Saints’ Middle School
Cheung Lai Ping

3. You lose your health and your freedom 4. Do you really want to game?
SKH All Saints’ Middle School
Lo Chun Wang

3. Gaming until it ruins your mind 4. My life passes so quickly
SKH All Saints’ Middle School
Law Ka Yu

3. SAY HI on an empty stomach and with a dizzy head 4. Only healthy use of the internet gets you HIGH
SKH All Saints’ Middle School
Lee Tsz Ki

3. The homework piles up into a mountain 4. Tired in body and mind and so lonely
SKH All Saints’ Middle School
Law Ka Yu

3. The eyes are dry after playing 4. Good children go to bed early
SKH Lui Ming Choi Secondary School
Chan Pin Ying

3. There is trembling after a long time of computer use 4. Go to sleep at a regular time to live a long life
Kowloon Technical School

*The above contents are the students’ voices and do not represent the views of HKFWS.