Healthy Net Connect

“Healthy Net” & “Think Before You Post” Multi-media Contest

With the full support and funding assistance of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, this project is one of the major projects of the “Be Netwise“ internet education campaign. Since being launched in August 2009, it has garnered a positive response and strong participation from all segments of society and enjoyed great success. Over 300 schools participated in the Healthy Net “Fun” promotion group. Nearly 2,000 parents, teachers, and social workers participated in the Healthy Net “Fun” public lectures as well as teacher and social worker professional training workshops.

As a response to the 2010 international Safer Internet Day theme of “Think Before You Post,” the “Think Before You Post” multimedia contest was held to promote healthy use of the Internet and online safety awareness.

The contest judges included the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the Education Bureau’s Chief Curriculum Development Officer (information technology education), Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, and several film directors, including Clifton Ko and Patrick Kong.

The contest received over 600 entries, and the creations and technical productions were all at a very high level.

Introduction of the Award Winners and Winning Entries

Open Group

Award Award-winning Entry
First Place Winner Name: 區再奇、崔家樂、黃定邦、廖詠妍、黃靜微
Name:The World of Internet, Think Before You Post
Synopsis:With the development of technology, people spend more and more time on the computer. In the world of Internet, there are many traps and snares. One can meet friends on the Internet, but can also know despicable persons. This short film uses an exciting and fun way to describe what to be mindful of when on the Internet.
Second Place Winner Name: 譚頴詩
Name:A Series of Terrible Incidents
Synopsis:A series of “terrible” incidents happen to you. Is it just bad luck or is it because you were not careful when using the Internet? On the Internet, after photos or videos are sent, they will become public information. There are no limits to how often they are reprinted and published. They cannot be retracted. If one reveals too much personal information, it can be used maliciously, and the next victim may be you!
Third Place and Online Choice Award Winner Name: 鄭卓榕
Name:The Story of Wen Tsai
Synopsis:This is a semi-true story. The author and friends were once addicted to online games. One friend learned that netizen X had treasure that he wanted and would have spared no expense and spent a lot of money and other valuable real and virtual things in exchange. Fortunately, X was a good netizen and exchanged treasures with this friend. Not every netizen though will keep their promises. So the author slightly revised the incident of X and his friends and turned them into the reverse as teaching materials, as a reminder that netizens must increase their alertness at all times, do not be enticed by virtual treasures, and bring about unnecessary loss. A moment’s error can cause lifelong regret.
Merit Award Winner Name: 車駿禧、李佩琪、梁尚儒、郭浩庭、陳嘉信、David Yau
Synopsis:This film attempted to use a semi-realism perspective to view the Internet. It perceived the Internet as the realistic world. Through this lens, it portrayed the characteristics of the Internet activities of netizens
Merit Award Winner Name: 文詠琪
Name:Think Before You Post
Synopsis:The Internet has made life more convenient, and you can share what you are thinking about and things that happened to you. Whenever you publish any information online, all parts of the world can see it. Thus, before you publish any information on the Internet, first stop and think if it will hurt you or others. Think before you post.


Parent-Child Group

Award Award-winning Entry
First Place Winner Name: 王家欣、張秀文、譚愛蓮、張雪堯、王耀輝、陳敏兒
Name:A Choice Made in a SecondSynopsis:With the older sister in the family (one of the best lawyers in the city) and the younger sister (an outstanding student at school) as the leading roles, poor use of the Internet brings about serious consequences. This provides people with examples of what not to do, points out the potential dangers of unthinkingly uploading personal information and photos, and points out the importance of protecting personal privacy. Doing things that are imprudent today on the computer will affect one’s entire life.
Second Place Winner Name: 李文傑、李文雋、李百祥、陳潤蓮
Name:The Mistake of Hate that Cannot Be UndoneSynopsis:The lead role uploads a film of a daily conflict on the Internet instead of dealing with it properly. Because of the irresponsible culture that is characteristic of the anonymous Internet, it generates pressure from public opinion. This film reminds people to consider things from many perspectives, cautiously use the Internet, and avoid using the virtual world as the platform to handle conflicts. Instead, communicate more with family and friends. The Mistake of Hate that Cannot Be Undone points out that incorrectly dealing with hate will cause regret.
Third Place Winner Name: 黃廣昇、黃宏達、姜洋航、陳嘉健、張苑庭、周孝賢、倫文傑
Name:A Half Man
Synopsis:Kindness trumps desires, so people are moral. However, some youth tormented by bad information on the Internet have blocked out the good conscience and turned to evil. So they deceive, are obscene, and force themselves to be bogged down by evil. However, they are simply not mentally mature. If they are supported and helped, they can surely walk out of the darkness. Let us love each other and together build the Healthy Net.
Merit Award Winner Name: 魏思貝、紀少文、魏妙珊
Name:Before “Up,” Recite
Synopsis:Middle school student Tsai, at the urging of his friends, uploaded a song to the discussion forum and is praised by netizens. Influenced by vanity, he continues to upload songs that infringe copyrights and becomes alienated from his family. One day, when he was uploading songs as usual, he saw news about someone receiving a jail sentence for uploading copyright infringement songs. He intended to stop uploading them, but then…
Winner Name: 鄭嘉銘、鄭偉民、洪瑞香
Name:The Matrix of the Internet GodSynopsis:The Internet God will judge netizens. The main lead is a gamer, which affects her thinking and she kills her father. You feel that she has already been punished.
Merit Award Winner Name: 蔡曉恩、簡嘉玲、劉穎如、余諾芊、唐翠鈺、陳灶英
Name:The Trap of Making FriendsSynopsis:Judy loves to go on QQ/MSN, where she met her friend Mary, who wanted to meet her. She unsuspectingly agreed until the day of the meeting, when Mary wanted to take her somewhere. She refused, but Mary still wanted to take her there. Fortunately, two of Judy’s friends were passing by and stopped the whole incident. This story teaches us to not easily trust strangers met on the Internet and choose friends wisely.