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Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
Healthy Use of the Internet: Referral form

The EDB has commissioned the HKFWS to provide the support service since 2011. For parents, teachers and students encountering problems arisen from the use of the Internet, they may contact through telephone and WhatsApp (Tel: 5592 7474) for support and counselling services, and visit the website ( for useful information. If you would like our hotline counsellors or social workers to contact you, please leave your contact information and indicate the area(s) of enquiries. Thank you!
Please “✓” for Areas of enquiries
Understanding the Internet culture: new IT trend, surfing habits, online activities, online games or apps etc.
Contracting on Internet use: communication skills, making contracts etc.
Understanding e-Safety: handling cyber-bullying, making Net friends, obscene materials etc.
Healthy Internet resources: online learning resources, protection software, eye care & protection of backbone information, etc.
Bring Your Own Device: agreement on usage, Dos and Don’ts
Student’s name and class
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Preferred contact time (Please “✓”) Anytime09:30–13:0013:00–18:0018:00–21:30
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