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In 2011, the government launched the Internet Learning Support Plan, “I Learn at Home,” with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service providing the “WebOganic” service to families in the Western District of Hong Kong.

As the co-organizer, the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS) provides eligible residents located in the Central and Western District of Hong Kong with the OrganicWeb program and services, including:

1) Affordable Internet access service and computer equipment
2) Free computer training courses or activities events
3) Counseling and technical support


    All full-time students receiving education at primary and secondary levels or, pursuing Project Yi Jin programmes or relevant courses of the Vocational Training Council, and fulfilled the following criteria are eligible for using the services

  • families receiving the flat-rate grant for School-related Expenses under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) scheme; or
  • families passing the means test for receiving ‘Full’ or ‘Half’ level of financial assistance from the Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA)
  • Living in Central & Western District.

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Computer and Broadband Purchase Service

“Web organic” programme services include computer purchase at promotional price as well as other online services. For more details on the process of service application information on computer products and online services offered by the program, and general application forms, please visit the following website:


Computer courses and activities
Introduction to computer courses and activities

Since 2011, our center has been providing different free computer courses on diverse topics to our members. At the same time, in respond to our service philosophy of “Putting family first”, we have designed a series of computer and application courses for parents and children to not only encourages the members to learn on how to use the computer and the Internet, but also aim to enhance parent-child communications and narrow the digital gap between both generations.

Previous completed computer courses:
The members are putting efforts to learn speed decoding method.
The trainer uses Internet browsing software.

In order to increase the interest of computer learning among the members, apart from the computer courses, we have also designed computer application courses and activities, ie: Internet application series, festival celebrations and outing events. During the application courses and activities, at least 30 minutes computer related knowledge will be taught so that the members could learn while having fun!

Search engine application series conducted previously:

Outings and computer related knowledge learning conducted previously:

Visited/ Event location Computer related knowledge
Comix Home Base “Scratch” animation making software
Hong Kong Disneyland Facebook

Event Highlights

The members learn on how to use Youtube to search for video clips of towel bunny making.
Comix Home Based visit.
The trainer is teaching on how to use the Mandarin e-learning website and then celebrates Spring Lantern Festival with the members.
Mentorship program 2014

From September to December 2014, HKFWS held the “WebOrganic” mentorship program and successfully trained 20 university students (mentors) that were passionate about community service. Through watching with 30 eligible primary 4 to primary 6 school students (mentees)with the trained mentors,the mentor-mentee gathering aimed to encourage the mentees to enhance awareness of healthy use of internet, make good use of the e-learning resources and making a e-portfolios to prepare for the secondary schools admission interviews. The program event were rich and varied in content,including a kick-off ceremony, four mentor-mentee gatherings, a visit to City University of Hong Kong and closing ceremony.


Online Registration

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We will update this page with the computer courses and events hosted by “WebOrganic” at the Western & Central District Centre. All eligible members and families are invited to register online.

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