The Six Major Crises

Online Infringement

The distribution and publication of works in any form, without obtaining permission from the copyright owner, is considered “online infringement.” Netizens who upload, download, or forward materials without authorization have violated the “Copyright Regulations.”

Tips on respecting intellectual property
Online Safety

With the prevalence of the Internet, the risks of using the Internet have become more widespread (such as: malware, fake websites, and hackers). The chance of leaking personal information is getting higher. Therefore, more attention needs to be paid to whether online safety measures are sufficient.

Tips on protecting online safety
Internet Pornography

There is a proliferation of Internet Pornography, which includes photo, video, and text materials that may have illegal components. The emergence of different apps has also increased susceptibility to the risk of cyber sex.

Tips on establishing correct knowledge
Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying refers to a child or adolescent’s behavior of continuing to hurt, threaten, bother, and humiliate another child or adolescent in the form of words or images on the internet.

Tips on confronting cyber bullying
Self-protection methods
Making Online Friends

Making online friends refers to meeting friends through the online world (such as Facebook and forums) that you do not know in real life. Moreover, virtual communities refer to communities made up of people with similar interests or value orientations.

Tips on wisely choosing online friends
Internet Addiction

Internet addiction refers to the strong desire to go online and putting that before everything else, and continuing to do so even if there are negative consequences. Previous attempts to control, reduce or stop internet use have been unsuccessful. One experiences satisfaction only by progressively increasing online time. Also, beginning to conceal internet use from others.

Tips on time management
Youth Internet Addiction Tool