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E-Learning Parent’s Tips


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Internet Use Agreement (Sample)

13 Parenting Methods for Apps Generation 


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2. Drop criticism, lecturing and remindign, focus on listening
3. Avoid wearing ‘super strong radar’ armour, try to relax and remain calm
4. Respect each other
5. Carefully pick the use of words, mood and tone of speaking. Avoid personal attacks
6. When children gains improvement, give them appropriate recognition compliment and encouragement
7. Negotiate with the children
8. Help children to develop social interaction and other entertainments/ interests
9. Set an Example
10. Do not be afraid of Internet, continue to execute the role and responsibility as parents
11. Develop and maintain a harmonious parent-children relationship
12. When in need, ask assistance from other
13. Never give up on your children
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Communication Tips


(For reference only, please use appropriately according to the age of the children, parent-children relationship and etc.)

1. Open-ended question
2. Provide concrete suggestion, respond to children’s needs.
3. Provide freedom, let the children understand the responsibility and the consequences.
4. Understand the needs of the youth during the growing process
5. Strengthen two-way communication and show your care
6. Educate youth on healthy use of the computer/ Internet principles
7. Increase Internet Safety Awareness among the Youths
  • “I trust that you are mature enough to judge what you should or shouldn’t say to your online friends. I hope you will protect your privacy by not sharing things like address sand phone number with them.”
  • “I know you will meet up your online friends from time to time. What do you do protect yourself?”